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At the office of Drs. Anthony Marino & Lawrence Roth DDS, MS, we offer a wide range of treatments for the benefit of our patients! We believe that each patient deserves a functional, healthy and beautiful smile, and we know that needs differ based on the state of your smile. Drs. Marino and Roth work closely with their patients to determine their goals for their smile, then designs a treatment plan to achieve those goals. With two state-of-the-art offices in Vacaville and Fairfield, CA, we are able to provide the highest standard of orthodontic care to our patients!

Offering a wide range of treatments to meet the needs of all patients!


Invisalign® Overview

There is no dispute about the fact that in the last decade Invisalign® has become one of the most important developments in dentistry, and one that thousands of patients have taken advantage of.

Invisalign® is a system that straightens teeth without the use of traditional braces. A series of clear plastic aligners are utilized to create tooth movement. Moving teeth with removable aligners is not new. It is the computer program that generates a series of aligners with small changes that is new.

Our practice has been an experienced Invisalign® provider since 1999. Invisalign® is recommended for most orthodontic situations with mild to moderate spacing or crowding. The aligners are virtually undetectable, easy to use, and comfortable to wear.

If you believe Invisalign® is the right option for you, call our Vacaville office at 707-448-6271 or our Fairfield office at 707-426-5944!


Get your beautiful, healthy smile... faster!

Do you want to improve the look of your smile, but don’t want to spend years in braces or aligners? With AcceleDent®, you can speed up your tooth movement by up to 50%! Using this fast, safe, and easy-to-use hands-free device, you’ll be finished with your orthodontic treatment and achieve your desired smile faster!

What Is AcceleDent®?

AcceleDent® is a Class II medical device, cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), clinically proven to accelerate tooth movement by up to 50%. It’s the first orthodontic device of its kind to offer accelerated orthodontic treatment and help decrease orthodontic discomfort in a noninvasive, nonsurgical way. AcceleDent® is only available by prescription from your orthodontist. It’s Fast. It’s Safe. It’s Gentle.

Experience AcceleDent® with a 100% satisfaction guarantee*.

We are an exclusive AcceleDent® NOW™ provider, offering patients a 60-day trial of AcceleDent. Our patients have the unique opportunity to experience the benefits of accelerated treatment with the leading technology available with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Whether you are currently in or about to start orthodontic treatment, ask us if accelerated treatment with AcceleDent is right for you so you can start your trial of AcceleDent® today!

*Promotional offer is not transferable. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is only available during the 60-day trial of AcceleDent with the AcceleDent NOW program. If the patient is not 100% satisfied with AcceleDent® during the 60-day trial and has notified the orthodontist on or prior to the end of the 60-day trial, the orthodontist will issue a credit for the full amount paid during the 60-day trial period.

How Does AcceleDent® Work?

By inserting the mouthpiece fitted around your braces or aligners for just 20 minutes a day, AcceleDent® speeds tooth movement through the use of SoftPulse Technology®. Faster tooth movement decreases the duration of your orthodontic treatment and can help make your experience more comfortable. Part of the way that orthodontics works is by changing or remodeling the bones surrounding your teeth. As this remodeling process is accelerated, your teeth move more quickly. AcceleDent’s gentle micropulses can speed bone remodeling, accelerate tooth movement and reduce orthodontic discomfort for patients of all ages, including children, teens and adults.

What Are AcceleDent Patients Saying?

“I got my braces off almost a year before they were supposed to because of AcceleDent!” – Dylan L., AcceleDent Patient

“I have used AcceleDent every day during my orthodontic treatment, and I love it!” – Jennifer K., AcceleDent Patient

“AcceleDent has cut my treatment time in half.” – Caitlyn F., AcceleDent Patient

“AcceleDent is my best friend on adjustment day!” – Sonyah M., AcceleDent Patient

“Not only have my teeth moved very quickly, but using AcceleDent has greatly reduced the discomfort that I feel while wearing braces.” – Barbara K., AcceleDent Patient

“I’m getting amazing results with AcceleDent!” – Scott M., AcceleDent Patient

“I strongly recommend AcceleDent for anyone who wants to reduce their treatment time, and it’s so easy to use!” – Jean B., AcceleDent Patient

“I found it easy to include the 20-minute routine into my day and am extremely happy with the results.” –Alex, AcceleDent Patient


Making the Right Choice with Ortho-Tain® for Your Child

When it comes to deciding whether or not your child should receive orthodontic treatment at a young age, you should keep in mind:

  • The ideal cosmetic results
  • Significant reduced cost of orthodontic treatment at a young age, compared to adult orthodontic costs
  • Fewer & quicker office visits
  • Easier to correct occlusal function at an early age
  • Faster treatment completion

Ortho-Tain® is an advanced orthodontic system that uses preformed, removable mouth guards to help guide a child’s erupting permanent teeth into the right position. With over 2 million satisfied clients, Ortho-Tain® has become one of the most asked for orthodontic systems.

What will Ortho-Tain® Do for Your Child?

The system will straighten their teeth with Nite-Guide® for patients 5-7 years of age. This nighttime guard is worn while the patient sleeps and guides their permanent teeth into the right alignment.

Occlus-o-Guide® is the next appliance that is worn by patients 8-12 years of age. It dramatically decreases the need for braces.

Teeth are straightened without the use of traditional braces, so the young patient does not have to suffer from the pain of wires and bands.

The Ortho-Tain® system helps to correct overbites, overjet, rotation, spacing, and align joints for TMJ treatment.

  • Patients can enjoy their day-to-day activities without any discomfort in their mouth, and can still eat the food that they love.
  • Patients have a much shorter treatment time compared to traditional braces. Maintains the corrections that the Ortho-Tain® system has completed.
  • Snoring is prevented with a Snore-Cure® appliance that protects enamel while the patient is sleeping!
  • Creates a beautiful smile that resists relapse for many years!

Ortho-Tain® only costs around 1/2 to 1/3 the price of traditional braces and even Invisalign®! So it is not only the affordable option but the obvious one!

Straighten Teeth Without Traditional Braces

For more information about Ortho-Tain® and to learn why it would benefit your child, watch the video below. Then call our Vacaville office at 707-448-6271 or our Fairfield office at 707-426-5944 to see if Ortho-Tain® is the right choice for your child!


Anti-Snoring Overview

Do you find yourself not feeling well rested in the morning without explanation? Or perhaps your spouse has been complaining about your loud snoring? If so, you may be dealing with sleep apnea. No need to worry; there is something you can do!

Millions of Americans are experiencing the benefits anti-snoring appliances can have on their lives. At the office of Drs. Anthony Marino & Lawrence Roth DDS, MS, we offer two great anti-snoring appliances that can be worn during sleep and will prevent the soft tissue of the throat from obstructing your airway as you sleep, which in turn will prevent you from snoring.

Signs you may be dealing with sleep apnea include:

  • Snoring, gasping, irregular breathing while sleeping
  • Morning headaches
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Extreme sleepiness during the day
  • Nighttime reflux
  • Memory deficit
  • Heartburn
  • High blood pressure
  • Stopped breathing episodes during sleep
  • Frequent urination at night


The aveoTSD® appliance stabilizes the tongue slightly forward to help it from falling back and obstructing the throat. Since the airway is open, the user will experience less snoring and better sleeping patterns. This is a simple, inexpensive solution that will allow you to have a better night’s sleep and wake up feeling ready to take on the day.


Thornton Adjustable Positioner® (TAP®)

TAP® is a patient-friendly solution for snoring. This appliance holds the patient’s lower jaw forward so when they are sleeping it does not fall open and cause the airway to close. The TAP® improves breathing in order to reduce the patient’s snoring.

With a unique design, the patient can adjust their treatment with the help of their clinician to achieve the results they are looking for. Since the TAP® device has a single point of central adjustment, it prevents the patient from developing an irregular bite or jaw discomfort.

With a researched 95% success rate, patients are enjoying snore-free, truly restful sleep!

For more information about these anti-snoring devices, call our Vacaville office at 707-448-6271 or our Fairfield office at 707-426-5944 today! We would love to discuss your options with you and help you achieve snore-free sleep.

Healthy Start

Prevent and Correct

The Healthy Start System TM is a revolutionary departure from traditional orthodontics that treats children early, is non-invasive, and is a natural way of straightening teeth. It works as well as or better than braces, plastic aligners, surgery, or any other options to achieve a picture-perfect, beautiful smile. Our practice is one of only a few in the area to offer this innovative new system!

Healthy Start Results from Real Patients

Open Bite

Open bite corrected with Healthy Start System

Overbite and Overjet

Overbite and overjet corrected with Healthy Start System for Preteens, five years post-treatment

Benefits of the Healthy Start System

Drs. Anthony Marino and Lawrence Roth and their staff work hard to bring their patients the most cutting-edge dental technology with the most benefits. When you choose the Healthy Start System, you experience the following benefits:

  • Achieve a perfect smile WITHOUT braces or surgery
  • Prevent crooked teeth versus correcting crooked teeth
  • Achieve permanent results
  • Experience no discomfort
  • Treats naturally by working with your facial growth and development

Beautiful Smiles are Just the Beginning

Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) is an all-inclusive term for breathing difficulties, ranging from mild snoring all the way to severe obstruction during sleep. When your child’s breathing is disrupted, his or her body recognizes the disruption much like choking, therefore slowing heart rate, raising the blood pressure, and arousing the brain, ultimately disrupting sleep. Traditionally, there have been very few answers to treating this issue, but Drs. Marino and Roth are now using Healthy Start to treat SBD.

Causes of Sleep-Disordered Breathing

Crooked teeth, crowded teeth, or mouth breathing can cause underdevelopment of the mouth and jaw when your child’s nasal and upper airway is constricted. The Healthy Start system works to guide your child’s teeth into their proper position, expanding and fully developing his or her mouth and jaw.

How Can I Tell If My Child Has Sleep-Disordered Breathing?

Does it ever sound like a freight train is running through your child’s room at night or as they lay asleep in the back seat on the way home from a trip? Loud snoring is one very apparent indication that your child may have Sleep-Disordered Breathing. Gasping and snorting sounds while your child sleeps may catch you off guard or even make you momentarily worry. These sounds stem from your child moving from a deeper sleep to a lighter (towards waking up), struggling to breathe.

Common Sleep Disorder Breathing Symptoms Include:

  • Bedwetting
  • Chronic Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Mouth Breathing
  • Snoring
  • Swollen Adenoids/Tonsils
  • Frequent Headaches
  • Teeth Grinding
  • Frequently Waking up
  • Excessively Sweating While Asleep
  • Restless Sleep
  • Nightmares
  • Irritability/Aggressive Behavior
  • Difficulty in School Subjects: Math, Science, Spelling
  • Arrested Growth
  • Daytime Drowsiness
  • Dark Circles Under the Eyes

How Does The Healthy Start System Work?

The Healthy Start System works with the natural forces of tooth eruption. The soft, comfortable, removable devices gently guide the erupting teeth into their perfect positions. In addition, Healthy Start aids in the correct growth and alignment of the lower jaw, expanding the arches to ensure incoming permanent teeth have enough room to erupt in straightly, and develop proper oral habits.

Depending On The Age Of Your Child, The System Uses a Series Of Appliances:

  • Habit-Corrector – The habit-corrector eliminates or improves current oral habits that can damage your child’s dental health. He or she wears the habit-corrector at night while sleeping. With a design similar to that of a pacifier, your child will become used to wearing a device in his or her mouth every night. This step lasts about 1-5 months.
  • Second Phase – Your child will get a customized and sized appliance to wear every night. It aids the incoming teeth into their proper places, corrects jaw relations, and expands your child’s arches for the incoming adult teeth. Your child will wear this device for 2-6 months.
  • Final Phase – The final treatment begins with a device that accommodates incoming adult teeth. It begins when your child has at least four permanent teeth. This phase is extremely important because his or her adult teeth are forming and the gum tissue fibers are starting to attach the teeth in the mouth. Healthy Start works perfectly to ensure the teeth erupt into proper alignment.

Consider The Healthy Start System

Drs. Marino and Roth and the staff only offer time-tested and proven procedures to their patients. Researchers and developers have carefully designed the Healthy Start System, adaptable to each patient’s individual needs. Our doctor’s abilities to determine the optimal Healthy Start System for your child makes them the dentist you want to correct your child’s Sleep Disordered Breathing symptoms. We strive to provide our patients with healthy, beautiful, lasting smiles.

Call our Vacaville office at 707-448-6271 or our Fairfield office at 707-426-5944 today to schedule your complimentary consultation today, and give your child the gift of a Healthy Start!

Patient Testimonials

“My 5-year-old son Tomás has always been a sweet, silly, and perpetually happy little guy, a little shy but always friendly, and not fearful of much—during the day—but for the past two and a half years (that’s over 900 days for those of us who were counting!) we’d see a marked change in him around bedtime. As soon as it became clear that it was time to settle into bed for the night, his smiling little face would crinkle into a tense frown and he’d start crying not to be left alone in his bedroom. He was desperately afraid of the nightmares that disturbed his sleep nearly every night—typical childhood bad dream material ranging from getting lost in a dark forest, being pursued by monsters, and even fighting off zombies! It was clear he was terrified.
It was not unusual for him to leave his bedroom two to four times each night, sometimes drenched in sweat. After a while, sweet kid that he is, he didn’t cry or try to wake us, but would do his best to quietly sneak into our bed or his older brother’s. Sometimes we’d even find him lying on the carpet near the foot of the bed. No matter how much of a stealth ninja he tried to be while bed-hopping each night, we almost always woke up, in part because he was a very loud sleeper. He would grind his teeth until they’d make an unbearable sound almost like nails on a chalkboard, snore like a grown man, and breathe through his mouth as though he had a bad cold. Tomás developed puffy purple circles under his eyes and had seasonal allergy symptoms that wouldn’t go away even with medication. After a few years of this it became clear that we—me, my husband, my 11-year-old, and mostly Tomás—were all sleep-deprived, cranky, and frustrated in the mornings.
We tried everything we could think of to help him: we gave him lavender baths and read him pleasant stories at bedtime, made sure he didn’t watch scary movies or tv shows, slept on the floor next to him until he fell asleep, placed an angel statue on his bedside table to watch over him, and recited a special bedtime prayer so he could feel safe and have good dreams. We also tried hanging a Native American Dreamcatcher above his bed, rearranging his room for better Feng Shui, and burning sage to clear away any negative mojo! Nothing ever worked.
On May 10th I took my older son James to a regular orthodontic appointment at Drs. Anthony Marino and Lawrence Roth ’s office in Fairfield with Tomás in tow. We had chosen Drs. Marino and Roth immediately at our initial consultation after we had already talked to two other local orthodontists. Not only was it clear that Drs. Marino and Roth seemed to know more about cutting-edge orthodontic treatment for children than the others, he was also genuinely excited about the work he was doing, had a staff that enjoyed working at his office, and a large wall of photos of beaming clients of all ages. He also offered the most reasonable price for the overall treatment!
Drs. Marino and Roth and I got to talking during James’s visit that day and he noticed that Tomás had circles under his eyes (and probably noticed mine too). He asked me how he slept at night. I told Drs. Marino and Roth that Tomás grinds his teeth and has horrible nightmares that make him wake up often, and a lightbulb seemed to go off above his head. He asked me if I had time to fill out a healthystart checklist, which asked about symptoms that seemed unrelated to mouth or teeth issues, like if my child exhibited: nightmares, snoring, chronic allergies, mouth breathing, dark circles under the eyes, and sleep issues. Bingo! Yes, yes, and yes!
We left the office with a remarkable little mouthpiece called an “occlusal guide” that we hoped could offer Tomás some relief. Drs. Marino and Roth explained that the mouthpiece would correct airway issues and Tomás’s mouth position while also guiding his teeth to come in straight. (I had consulted by phone with my husband who was out of town for a few days and we decided to give it a try because we trusted Drs. Marino and Roth, but we had never heard of any other children using this device.)
The transformation we saw in Tomás’s sleep and the ripple effects on all of our lives since getting this device was immediate and near miraculous! As I write this piece, it has now been exactly 30 days since Tomás began wearing his mouthpiece every night. He has now slept through the night, in his bed, without any bad dreams, for 30 nights in a row! No exceptions. Every night!
When my husband returned from his business trip a few days after Tomás began wearing the mouthpiece, he was blown away at the change and said, “Without a doubt, this has to be due to the new mouthpiece. Incredible!”
The dark circles under Tomás’s eyes have now faded, and I’ve stopped giving him allergy medication. He wakes up well-rested and smiling. He has been wearing the occlusal guide since day one with enthusiasm because it’s comfortable and he knows it has helped him immensely. The other day we were walking to the park and out of the blue he turned to me and said, “Mommy, I’m so lucky I got my mouthpiece and don’t have to have bad dreams anymore.” Yes, he is. We all are. “

Catherine Elliott Escobedo


SureSmile Overview

You’re getting braces. And while you’re excited about having that great smile, you may be nervous about wearing the wires and brackets. Well, there is a new, technologically advanced orthodontic system that makes straightening your teeth a lot more precise and more accurate compared to conventional orthodontic treatment. It’s called SureSmile and it’s changing the way people feel about braces.

SureSmile is Reinventing Orthodontic Treatment

Unlike conventional treatment, which relies on plaster models and X-rays, the SureSmile treatment starts by providing your orthodontist with a detailed 3D computer model of your teeth, allowing your orthodontist to plan individual tooth movements throughout your entire “braces experience.” SureSmile robots then customize individual braces archwires to match your treatment plan.

SureSmile orthodontic technology enables your orthodontist to create more accurate treatment plans designed to move your teeth to their correct position more efficiently than ever before, thus improving the quality of your treatment results and cutting your total time in braces by up to 29%.

With cutting-edge orthodontic technology from SureSmile, your orthodontist can offer you a treatment with:

  • High-quality results – With SureSmile precision, teeth move directly to their prescribed positions
  • Less overall discomfort – SureSmile treatment plans reduce pain from braces
  • Fewer office visits – The SureSmile technology improves orthodontic efficiency and accuracy, for fewer office visits and less time in braces!

Get In Touch!

Have questions about any of our treatments, or looking to schedule an appointment for a complimentary orthodontic consultation? Call or text our Vacaville office at 707-448-6271 or our Fairfield office at 707-426-5944! We will help you determine the best treatment option for your unique needs and goals.