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At the office of Drs. Anthony Marino & Lawrence Roth DDS, MS, we offer a range of affordable orthodontic services to help our patients achieve the smile they have always wanted. No matter your age or your budget, we have an option that will work for you.

In both our Vacaville and Fairfield, CA locations, we work hard to provide a warm and welcoming environment for every patient. Drs. Marino and Roth take the time to discuss one-on-one with every patient their options, and what would be best for their overall individual situation. We schedule as much time as needed to discuss these options, so our patients never feel rushed or pressured to accept treatment.

boy with retainer anthony marino dds magic braces fairfield ca vacaville ca
boys with braces anthony marino dds magic braces fairfield ca vacaville ca

Community Care

Our patients leave happy, knowing they are receiving the best orthodontic care from a team that truly cares about them. We work to fit in appointments that are convenient for our patients and works around their schedule, as much as possible.

Drs. Marino and Roth and their staff work and live within the community, and find it important to give back whenever they can. We participate in a variety of community events every year, and are actively involved with various organizations. We strive to do what we can to make our community a better place to live.

Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Anthony, DDS, Orthodontic Specialist

“I’ve dedicated my orthodontic practice to providing the highest standard of patient care. I personally meet with each patient to discuss their concerns and orthodontic condition. Each patient’s treatment options will be explained in careful detail and are answered in an unhurried atmosphere. My goal and passion is to provide each patient with comfortable, affordable, safe orthodontic care and help them attain a most pleasing, confident smile that will last a lifetime.”


American Association of Orthodontics, American Dental Association, California Association of Orthodontics
California Dental Association, Napa-Solano Dental Society
Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontics, World Federation of Orthodontists

Continuing Education:

Dr. Marino completes more than 25 hours of continuing education each year
Member of Vacaville and Fairfield Chamber of Commerce
Donates a portion of proceeds to charitable organizations
Provides orthodontic education to doctors and public alike
Special interest in early orthodontic prevention for 5 to 8-year-olds and accelerated tooth movement using an advanced new technique

Meet Our Team

Registered Dental Assistants

Our RDA’s are all certified and help with placing braces, changing wires when needed, taking x-rays, taking impressions, and removing braces. They do this and more all under the direction of Drs. Marino and Roth.


Dental Assistants

Our Dental Assistants are all certified and they assist Drs. Marino and Roth chairside taking x-rays, removing or replacing archwires in braces, and more.


Our front desk team employees are courteous and knowledgeable about orthodontics and are on hand to answer any questions you may have about treatment or your insurance.


Nayeli suffered from snoring at a very young age, from about 3-4 years old. She had consults with ENT specialists and even had a sleep study test. No one could ever give us a reason why this skinny little girl was snoring, after all only obese children snore, right? When we finally saw Dr.Marino, Nayeli was fitted for a palate expander and we noticed pretty soon afterwards, 1 month or so, that her snoring had decreased and she was talking less nasally. We never thought that such a thing would have made a difference.
-Rebecca G.

As a public speaker I had been self-conscious while taking photos, speaking, or meeting new people because I needed my teeth straightened. After my Invisalign treatment with Dr.Marino I speak with confidence and my smile is beautiful.
-Debra L.

Prior to my daughters first appointment she was unable to bite into an apple or corn on the cob. Her front teeth stuck out very noticeably. She also had a large gap between her top 2 teeth. Three weeks after beginning treatment my daughter pointed out to me that her two top front teeth were moving together. We were amazed to see results so quickly. After nine weeks of treatment, her overjet and overbite were noticeably improved. She learned to bite into apples and corn on the cob for the first time. Now her teeth look fantastic! We have been incredibly impressed with the quick results. I highly recommend the of the nite guide and occlus-o-guide. -Jennifer, Elementary School Teacher

My orthodontic experience was so fantastic that I paved the way for my whole family to become patients of Dr.Marino. We’re currently on family member #3 and soon my husband will be joining the patient list. It’s Dr.Marino’s care for his patients that continues to make us loyal and recommend his practice and his wonderful staff to anyone we meet. You can’t get better care and a better smile than at Dr.Marino’s. -Lorrie R., Patient mother of 2

I love Dr.Marino’s orthodontic office. I’m a 13-year-old who loves going. The staff is wonderful! They’re super nice, caring, & cool. I would recommend him to anyone who’s getting braces. The Best!!!! -Anthony R., Patient

I am so pleased with the progress my 10-year-old son made with his mouth guard. In less than 10 months his teeth and smile have changed dramatically
-Cathy, Patient Mom

I am so pleased and amazed by the orthotain orthodontic process! I love that there is an opting in orthodontic treatment, one that moves teeth with the teeth’s natural movement, guiding them as they erupt instead of forcing movement when they are already grown and anchored in plane. Braces are highly useful and needed and I appreciate that process when applicable, however, coming from a periodontics background, I am fully aware of the effects of trauma to the surrounding tissue and bone of the teeth and the shortening of tooth roots from traditional orthodontic. The orthotain process just made sense to me in light of these concerns and watching the progress my son had has confirmed that I made the right choice for him. There is also a peace of mind for me as a parent, that the piece can be removed and there is no additional challenge for him to keep his teeth clean: therefore, no long-term staining or effects from the neglect that can occur with brackets. (He is a boy!) it was definitely a challenge for the first two weeks, but once we got our routine set and he was used to wearing the appliance, it is just a matter of following through. I highly recommend this product and will be using it again with my daughter. -Jenny M.

Our experience with Dr.Marino has been enjoyable. Braces enjoyable? What a joke right? He helped me through an adult alignment that I thought would be crazy I was 27-year-old two toddlers and I need jaw surgery he helped me find a surgeon and keep me on track. So, when it was time for my oldest daughter who hates doctors to start with the braces, I came to the only doctor who I knew would make it an easy process. Daughter number two was happy to come after seeing the results her sister and I had. Everyone is finished now, except for the odd lost retainer (buy the insurance!) The staff always has been willing + work with a fast pace family and sometimes moody teens. Thank you for our smiles!

3 of my children have been treated by Dr.Marino. Unfortunately, my oldest child was too old to use the occlus-o-guide. She had traditional braces, and we were very happy with her results. My other two children have been treated with the occlus-o-guide appliance, wearing it for an hour each day, and then every night. My daughter now has a beautiful smile, and never needed braces. My son had a large overbite that we feared would require extensive treatment but so far, his bite is being successfully corrected with just the occlus-o-guide. The appliance is much less invasive and less expensive than braces. I tell all my friends with children about it. -Tess F.

When I came to Dr.Marino in April of 07 he presented to me an appliance for us to try on our son I was hesitant but trusted what he called, a nite guide, was going to straighten our sons teeth by wearing this every night and doing exercises throughout the day, our son didn’t do all the exercises, faithfully, but he did wear it at night faithfully and four years later he has the most beautiful teeth and when people ask if he has had braces we tell them no just a nite guide. I’m truly amazed by what this has done for his teeth and if I have the opportunity to use it again four our youngest, I will do this over braces. -Alicia S.

I chose to use the Invisalign instead of regular braces because I was witness to my wife’s ordeal with the regular wire braces and all the damage it did to the inside of her mouth. Using the Invisalign was just right for me + my extremely busy schedule, with the same effect/results of my wife’s investment. Good call on my part! -Steve A.

The entire experience of having braces was a lot easier than I thought. Everything about Dr.Marino and his staff was top notch! I would recommend him to anyone!
-Thanks for all the great smiles, Tyler M.

For any questions about our office, or to schedule an appointment for a complimentary orthodontic consultation, call or text our Vacaville office at 707-448-6271 or our Fairfield office at 707-426-5944! A member of our team will be happy to help you.