Making the Right Choice with Ortho-Tain® for Your Child

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Ortho Tain

When it comes to deciding whether or not your child should receive orthodontic treatment at a young age, you should keep in mind:

  • The ideal cosmetic results
  • Significant reduced cost of orthodontic treatment a young age, compared to adult orthodontic costs
  • Fewer & quicker office visits
  • Easier to correct occlusal function at an early age
  • Faster treatment completion

Ortho-Tain® is an advanced orthodontic system that uses preformed removable mouth guards to help guide a child's erupting permanent teeth into the right position. With over 2 million satisfied clients, Ortho-Tain® has become one of the most asked for orthodontic systems.

What will Ortho-Tain® do for Your Child?

The system will straighten teeth their with Nite-Guide® for patients 5-7 years of age. This nighttime guard is worn while the patient sleeps, and guides their permanent teeth into the right alignment.

Occlus-o-Guide® is the next appliance that is worn by patients 8-12 years of age. It dramatically decreases the need for braces.

Teeth are straightened without the use of traditional braces, so the young patient does not have to suffer from the pain of wires and bands.

The Ortho-Tain® system helps to correct overbites, overjet, rotation, spacing, and align joints for TMJ treatment.

  • Patients can enjoy their day to day activities without any discomfort in their mouth, and can still eat the food that they love.
  • Patients have a much shorter treatment time compared to traditional braces. Maintains the corrections that the Ortho-Tain® system has completed.
  • Snoring is prevented with a Snore-Cure® appliance that protects enamel while the patient is sleeping!
  • Creates a beautiful smile that resists relapse for many years!

Ortho-Tain® only costs around 1/2 to 1/3 the price of traditional braces and even Invisalign®! So it is not only the affordable option but the obvious one!

Straighten Teeth Without Traditional Braces

For more information about Ortho-Tain® and to learn why it would benefit your child, click here to watch a video about the system. Then call our office to see if Ortho-Tain® is the right choice for your child!

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