Getting Started

Your First Appointment

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During your initial appointment, you will get to meet Dr. Marino and discuss one-on-one about your orthodontic needs and concerns. Dr. Marino will then perform an examination of your mouth and give you his recommendations for orthodontic treatment. He will answer any questions you have, give a rundown of how long he believes treatment will last, and discuss the types of treatment available to you.

Dr. Marino will be able to show you photographs with a computer program of different types of bite problems, to show you what can be accomplished in your individual case. Then a trained administrator will provide you with information about fees for your treatment, payment plan options, insurance, etc.

Diagnostic Records

Should a form of treatment be recommended to you, we will need to gather more detailed information in order to finalize a detailed treatment plan. The diagnostic records we create consist of photographs, a plaster model of the patient's mouth, and x-rays of the patient's teeth and jaw. The diagnostic record is generally created in a separate appointment, though sometimes can be completed during your initial exam. Dr. Marino will exam the records to confirm his diagnosis and decide the appropriate treatment needed.

Duration for Treatment

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The time it takes for treatment depends on each individual patient. Treatment in general ranges from 3 months to 30 months, depending on the severity of a patient's mouth. Also, the patient's effort in good oral hygiene, wearing their elastics or appliance as prescribed, and keeping appointments with Dr. Marino all factor in with the success and duration of treatment.

Insurance Claims

When you decide to get orthodontic treatment from Dr. Marino, please bring your insurance information with you during your first appointment. Our administrative staff will file necessary claims to get you the maximum amount of orthodontic coverage allowed by your insurance policy. If you have orthodontic insurance, we will get a pre-determination of insurance benefits and then present and verify them for your convenience. If needed custom payment plans, can accommodate patients needs.


Our office takes your privacy very seriously. We are dedicated to protecting your personal information and continue to be HIPAA compliant. Every employee is committed to collecting, using, and disclosing personal information in a professional and adult manner.

Dr. Marino makes sure that every staff member is aware of HIPAA policies and the importance of following proper protocol to keep our patient's personal information safe.

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